I recently came back from a trip to New York.  I went out there to celebrate my birthday.  It was a combo birthday thing since Erin’s birthday is a few days after mine.  The magnetism of that city is real.  I can see why it is so attractive.  I keep asking myself what would I do out there.  I’d make art… what else.  I need to realize this.  the block that has been holding back is starting to lift.  I’ve been making work in the mean time. lots of sketches, sculptures. installation ideas, and a few minor paintings here and there.   They are all starting to build .  I feel the wave growing again.  I guess it was my time to rebuild some ideas that I had.  I still have many things left undone, but I’m finding love in the basics.  That’s where it starts I guess. 

Looking into Grad schools as usual. I feel like I need a place to push some ideas further.  I need to just focus purely on the creations and ideas.  I’ve been on a steady path for the past few months financially, but things get boring when you get too comfortable.  I need to shake it up.  Where is the next place to go?  What will things be like in 5 years?   I’m interested in it all again.

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