So last week I found out that I was accepted to the summer residency program at SVA in New York.  I’m over joyed and still in shock that I got in.  Now I have to figure out how to get over there. I plan on starting a kickstarter account within the next few days.  The funds will go to travel, materials, and a book that I plan to make at the end of this program.  This is going to be one the most mentally, physically, and creative processes of my life.  I plan on making 100 pieces in that time span.  This includes paintings, drawings, mixed media, and maybe an installation.  The process will be documented on this blog.

I’ll post a link to the project very soon.  The program actually starts the day after my birthday.  No that is some fate in action.  I hope to have your support.  Thank you all for the encouragement.  You guys are the reason I keep  pushing.





It was another fine day to go out into the city to sell some work and shake some hands. This time I was joined by fellow artist Adam B. (Franklin).
We found a little spot and made jokes for the most part as we said hello to the passers by. I got three sales that day. A nice young girl from Fresno ought a piece from Adam and I. (Sorry I forgot your name dear.) She and her crew seemed pretty chill. I love people that can just laugh with strangers as though we have met before. Later a this laid back cat named Nick bought one of my drawings. He was pretty stoked about it. I was pretty stoked that he was stoked… ( So my stoke going around.) I hope they both love their new art pieces. Thanks again you guys for buying and supporting the work.

Sadly, a bike cop came by to fuck with us. We were told to leave even though we weren’t hurting anyone. In fact a lot of the locals gave us praise for being out there. It’s a shame that we can’t go out, and just show art while trying to make grocery money. The sad part was there were folks out there doing worst things then we were, and that cop just rolled by. Fuck that dude. Hurting the potential of people just trying to get by.
Ah well. C’est la vie…


The band of art mercenaries are back. If you don’t know, a long time ago a group of young artist, that met online and through comics, came together to form a collective site to show case their works. This group was known as RESPARK. We’ve had many members and many incarnations of our group. After a few years of people doing their own thing and honing their skills, we finally came back together. I present I’m so proud of my friends and colleagues for the work they have done. We hope to surprise you all with new works and innovative ideas. Please check out our site and join our facebook fanpage.

OLD NEWS! (Word play people… Get with it.)

When I’m not painting mind altering dreamscapes that secretly decodes actual moments in my life.  I tend to go back to my first love, drawing.  Every kid has to start somewhere.
I started with comics and superheroes…(Pause for Awwwww.)  When the stress of painting becomes too much I go back to her. (Her = drawing)
So in my hunt for something to do I went through a bunch of old sketch books and found some oo00OOOOOOLD DRAWINGS.
A bunch of characters from when I was 17 through 19.  I sucked soooo bad.  So I decided to redraw/update them.  (NOTE:  The new drawings are done in blue lead, so it makes them hard to see when you scan.  I plan to ink them soon. Also the new pieces are in an 11 x 14 book which is tough to scan on 8 1/2 x 11 scanner.  I’ll repost the updates to the updates.)

I still remember the stories I made for them.  Maybe after the updates I’ll post some actual comic pages… We shall seeeeeeeeeee……  (Voice fades into the distance.)