So I had that show last week and it was killer.  I had a good time.  I wish I could have met more people, but I got in contact with some artist I lost touch with and met up with another artist I recently met.  Now I’m back in the studio.  I’m working on three pieces right now.  you have seen a bit of one of them.

One Piece is one of three cursed deities.  This is knowledge.  The other piece is “The Longing”.  It’s a pieced based on a search for love and companionship.  Each piece represents the  current tides around me.  I’m in search for truth and knowledge,yet the more I find the heavier  my soul is weighed down.  While this is going on I’m in a search for love.  My horoscope (yeah I read them) says that this is the year I find happiness and commitment, yet this has been one tough year for me.  I’ve lost so many things that I cherished.  My girlfriend, privacy, money, my productivity, life… Now I think about how much I have grown since the beginning.  I’m getting ready for this new turn.  I’ve gained insight, patience, mental endurance, a few shows, and some momentum.  So now I know that once I get back parts of my life, I’ll be able to handle them better.  I still feel I need a bit more time though.  I want to work on myself just a little bit more.  Along with these paintings.

GOALS  : More shows, bring my Japanese up to par, play in a band (Rachel!  Matt!  Lets do this.), travel, finish this comic, and begin writing this damn book.  In the next few months, things are about to get noticeable.

Oh. I’ll take better pictures of these two pieces soon…