So the show at 1314 Grant (World Apparel) went great.  So many people came out to show some love.  I’m was so over whelmed.  I mean, wow!  I was so surprised.  The Maritime Collective came through with some awesome work, and our day of the dead shrine was well received.  I’m currently working on finishing my piece “Knowledge: The Curse”.  This piece has been haunting me for months.  I’m happy that it did.  It challenges me.  I wish I just didn’t take breaks in between… yet, maybe those were necessary.  It allowed me to work out the narrative of Knowledge along with the rest of the gods and goddesses.

I have a few new Illustrations in the works.  I feel like changing things up with a few drawings.  I wish things were moving faster, but I appreciate every chance I get to keep moving forward.  “Just keep painting”… this is the phrase that plays over and over… “Just keep creating”  is the chorus.  “Believe” is the title.

Here’s a few pictures from the show.   These were done by my cool photog friend Tracy Chung.