13 days left.

I am so grateful and humbled by the generosity of  friends, family, strangers, and fans.  This week has been nuts.  The past two weekends I’ve been working with Artmobilus doing some live paint events.  It’s been worth it to interact with the community at large.  There are so many beautiful and fun people out there.  I actually lost my voice yesterday from talking.

So here are a few  of those wonderful and generous people.

Andrea Koehler
Jonathan EstradaRyan Gali
Orlando Barcena Jr
The boys from IFYW
Arthur Johnstone
Ryan Dodge
Calvin Wong

Thanks for helping me get closer to my goal.  I still have a ways to go, but I Know that with your help this will happen.


So I’ve gotten a bit of love from friends, and supporters. As promised, here’s a list of supporters that I am grateful to.

Jennifer Carter
Suray Dugas
Harpreet Sahota
Briana Hodgin
Tristen Arcelona
Jaime Viloria
Sarah Vanoni
Luna Gomez
You all are amazing people and patrons to the arts. There is a special place in art heaven for you.  Your name will also be mentioned in the book once we reach the goal!

I also came up with a plan of the 100 pieces I’ll be doing
12 5×5 wood panels
12 6×6 wood panels
12 8×8 wood panels
12 10×10 wood panels
12 watercolor pieces
12 variant drawing/mixed media
12 varying paintings
2 triptychs
2 larger pieces
4 portraits (for backers of the kickstarter)

Here’s a write up about the project.

21 days left!


So here we go.  The challenge of a lifetime.  This is the pre-game to the big show.  I just launched my kickstarter for the residency/book.  I’m trying to get to my goals soon.  I’ve been thinking about this book for over a year now, and I’ve been lucky enough to get an opportunity to share my talent, learn more, and get advice from a school I deeply am a fan of… SVA (The School of Visual Arts).
Now I have a month to get this all together.  Saty tuned to this blog to find out more.  Will I be able to go?  Will I make my goal of 100 pieces?  Will I buckle under the pressure, and collapse into a world of artistic insanity?  Who knows?  But I can promise it is going to be a hell of a ride.  Memorable indeed.

Without further ado… Here is the link to my grand project.  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/920816431/beyond-the-void-intensive-residency-artist-book

Celebrate to this.  You can’t spell “PARTY” without “ART”.




I recently received a packet of rice paper.  This immediately got me into using my Sumi Ink.  I’ve been pushing these quick studies.  The process is totally different from painting.  I try to slow down while also speeding up… If that makes sense.  Using Sumi Ink forces me to roll with the punches.  I have to work with the mistakes and use them to my advantage rather than dwelling.  I think this is a philosophy I might start using in my everyday life.  There are a few potential paintings in these pieces.  The drastic contrast of light and dark is an element I want to bring into my paintings while keeping the bright and colorful aspect of the environment.  I’m doing more experiments with this.  Stay tuned for updates and new work.



Cognition : ID, Ego, and SuperEgo

This autobiographical mythos is a language—much like the hieroglyphs of Egyptian, Aztec, and Asiatic cultures, written languages that were one part image, one part sound, and one part phrase. Each piece stands alone but is a part of a larger visual narrative. Within the work, various symbols create a coded language that in turn creates a phrase, speech, or title. This coded language not only speaks to the fictional visual narrative but is also a reflection of my own life. Deeply personal messages, thoughts, theories, and experiences are on display. The image itself reflects aspects of the fictional mythological narrative. There is a coded language present within the images. This code speaks to the worlds of reality and the dreamscape. The symbols, plants, items, animals, colors, words, numbers, and figures contain specific meaning to the character or deity while also speaking of actual events in my life. These events are tagged into each piece, creating the last feature. The breaking and exploding are representations of myself as I delve into my own psyche. This is me self-dissecting my psychology.

Within a single painting the work stands out as a phrase.  An example would be the Fox Mask (Sex) + Space Halo (A place) + Knowledge Halo (to learn) = a place to learn through Sex = Sexuality…  Use of triptychs allow the phrase of one piece to grow and become more elaborate telling a larger story.   The repeating image of breaking and exploding are representations of me delving into my own psyche.  This is a self dissection of  my  psychology.

The number 3, much like the language theme, appears throughout the series, and is reflected in “The Three Obsessions” (Art, Sex, and Death), “The Cursed, Jaded, and Relentless” (Knowledge, Time, and Space), and “The Dancing Passions” (Love, Life, and Music/Sound). Breaking this up is the wandering character, the Arbiter, an avatar representing the artist—myself. (Plus, I can’t afford models.) In this dreamscape world the Arbiter changes through his interaction with the deities. These forms are Jungian archetypes.

The first interactions are with “The Three Obsessions”.  This transforms the Arbiter into Ego, ID, and Superego. This is a well known Freudian  concept.  This is a  look into my own mind, while adding to the story of the Arbiter’s Journey.  Ego is a dark figure with giant hands, electric hair, a brilliant chakra, and color pumping through his veins; The Creator. Ego is my reality.  This figure appears when the Arbiter is endowed by Art.  Ego is the search for pleasure through the real world.  It is the force in which I find my solace through creative means.  His large hands are a representation of tools used to get there.  They are also a force used to destroy.  This aggressive aspect is a link to ID.

ID is a feral figure with wolf eyes, sharp fangs, a bottle of whiskey and long, loose hair: the Outlaw. This figure is predominant in proximity to Sex. It touches upon my primal ambitions and pleasure-seeking nature. This figure shouts down all thought and self-scrutiny. This primal urge has been fought, but must sometimes be surrendered to. A freeing release from the constraints of Time and Space. The primitive nature of Sex (Eros) and aggression (Thanatos/Death), and their kinship to each other are why the two deities are closely bound in this narrative.

Superego is an angelic figure wearing a Tibetan Shiva mask, wings, and a fiery sword, rides a white horse, and has a hole where his heart should be: the Ruler. This figure is a product of the Arbiter and Death. Superego is the judge and punisher of actions. The consciousness of experiences. This consciousness also creates the “Guilt Ghost”. This figure is no deity, but a lingering specter of societal norms and scruples forced on me by past influences. (Parents, teachers, etc.) Superego represents the aspect of the person I should be, or want to be. Though this form is a terrifying image, it is a silent judge of the actions of mankind, revealing itself only when circumstances are dire. It is a reflection of a saint or martyr complex that silently plays in the back of my thoughts.




So I had that show last week and it was killer.  I had a good time.  I wish I could have met more people, but I got in contact with some artist I lost touch with and met up with another artist I recently met.  Now I’m back in the studio.  I’m working on three pieces right now.  you have seen a bit of one of them.

One Piece is one of three cursed deities.  This is knowledge.  The other piece is “The Longing”.  It’s a pieced based on a search for love and companionship.  Each piece represents the  current tides around me.  I’m in search for truth and knowledge,yet the more I find the heavier  my soul is weighed down.  While this is going on I’m in a search for love.  My horoscope (yeah I read them) says that this is the year I find happiness and commitment, yet this has been one tough year for me.  I’ve lost so many things that I cherished.  My girlfriend, privacy, money, my productivity, life… Now I think about how much I have grown since the beginning.  I’m getting ready for this new turn.  I’ve gained insight, patience, mental endurance, a few shows, and some momentum.  So now I know that once I get back parts of my life, I’ll be able to handle them better.  I still feel I need a bit more time though.  I want to work on myself just a little bit more.  Along with these paintings.

GOALS  : More shows, bring my Japanese up to par, play in a band (Rachel!  Matt!  Lets do this.), travel, finish this comic, and begin writing this damn book.  In the next few months, things are about to get noticeable.

Oh. I’ll take better pictures of these two pieces soon…

Stepping Stones

It’s funny when you look back at old work. First, you realized how much you sucked.  Second, you realize how far you have come. Finally you realize the connection between the old work and the current work.  I was thinking back to the first personal paintings I began creating. This was during a crazy dark period in my life, but it was one of my most productive.  There this image of a dreamscape began to flourish, but the imagery was weak and incomplete.  I was unable to produce the visual dialogue that I saw in my head.  Years later, after various styles, and countless experiments,  the work  soon formed into something meaningful.  You begin to see all your influences being melded together.  The reinterpretation of ideas chewed up, digested, and mentally released through physical means.

Later I plan on explaining some of my influences through a visual gallery.  The point is, it is funny how the little pieces are stepping stones to a bigger picture, much like life.  The questions are how do we/I evolve?  How do I push the work further and build from this new corners stone?  Where is it going?   I guess that can be said about my life as well.

This is the image that would later be this.  You can see what I was going  for when you look at the old piece in comparison to the new piece.

Chaos in my hands. Fury in my eyes.

I’ve started a new process of doing three paintings at once.  I’m trying to push my output just a little more.
It helps when I become frustrated with one piece I can move on to the next, or if I am waiting for a piece to dry then I can work on something else.
Here’s a few process pieces.

The first piece is something that I have been working on for months.  I’ve touched it at different times.  It’s is not quite done yet.  There are factors that need to be fixed and corrected.

The second picture is the current state of the studio.  The piece on the far left is knowledge.  It’s in the works.  I’ll explain the visuals on another post when it is finished.  The second piece is a piece about longing.  The arms are those of Ego…  There’s a picture of Ego from other  piece I was working on. This is still in an infant stage.

The last is a watercolor piece of Sex.  This is a part of a three piece portrait s. It’s kind of weird getting back into watercolors.  I’m slowly reteaching myself little techniques.  I plan to update tonight’s labor.  Stay tuned.