So I’ve gotten a bit of love from friends, and supporters. As promised, here’s a list of supporters that I am grateful to.

Jennifer Carter
Suray Dugas
Harpreet Sahota
Briana Hodgin
Tristen Arcelona
Jaime Viloria
Sarah Vanoni
Luna Gomez
You all are amazing people and patrons to the arts. There is a special place in art heaven for you.  Your name will also be mentioned in the book once we reach the goal!

I also came up with a plan of the 100 pieces I’ll be doing
12 5×5 wood panels
12 6×6 wood panels
12 8×8 wood panels
12 10×10 wood panels
12 watercolor pieces
12 variant drawing/mixed media
12 varying paintings
2 triptychs
2 larger pieces
4 portraits (for backers of the kickstarter)

Here’s a write up about the project.

21 days left!

Perfect Timing

So last Friday I broke my arm.   A good exclamation to a strange year of loss.  Now I’m down to one arm, missing work at a crucial time, and dealing with medical bills… What the hell?  My next surgery is on Friday the 13th.  So what does this all mean?  I have no idea.  I hope I sell all my work or win the lotto after this crazy bullshit.  I started working on a new piece.  Working on some new ways of making these paintings.  Thinking of having an art sale to get rid of a few pieces.  I have so much work taking up space and medical bills/ rent to pay…. I wonder if I can pull this off.  Looks like Burning Man is out of the question for me… I’m trying to stay positive about all of this even though this my sound sad.   Just got to let it out some way.  All this is tolerable.  Wish I had more Red in my life.