Death of a…

So as you know the kickstarter is dead.  I don’t think a lot of people understand the concept of kickstarter.  I had to explain how it worked to some folks.  That’s ok.  Next time I might go another route.  It’s sad to see a project die.  It’s sad to see any sort of dream die. This has hit me hard, but I’m pushing forward with some help.

Here are the last few donors over the past week or so.

Arthur JohnstoneRyan Dodge
Calvin Wong
Beth Merrill
Roberta Merrill
Tracy Chung
Danielle Spoor
Emily Gravlin
Mark Pantoja
Saori Kappus
Victor Tence
Jennifer Fong
Flip Sarrow
Michael Freeling
Dewon Andrade
J. Vanessa Dancer
Clayton Barnett
Donia Muhammed
Jared Thorbahn
Mario Bakalov

You should all be receiving your money back soon.  I’m still raising funds, and will give work to those who aid.  Thanks you all for sharing and funding.  I guess we can make a dream come true next time.

You are all aces in my deck.

Stepping Stones

It’s funny when you look back at old work. First, you realized how much you sucked.  Second, you realize how far you have come. Finally you realize the connection between the old work and the current work.  I was thinking back to the first personal paintings I began creating. This was during a crazy dark period in my life, but it was one of my most productive.  There this image of a dreamscape began to flourish, but the imagery was weak and incomplete.  I was unable to produce the visual dialogue that I saw in my head.  Years later, after various styles, and countless experiments,  the work  soon formed into something meaningful.  You begin to see all your influences being melded together.  The reinterpretation of ideas chewed up, digested, and mentally released through physical means.

Later I plan on explaining some of my influences through a visual gallery.  The point is, it is funny how the little pieces are stepping stones to a bigger picture, much like life.  The questions are how do we/I evolve?  How do I push the work further and build from this new corners stone?  Where is it going?   I guess that can be said about my life as well.

This is the image that would later be this.  You can see what I was going  for when you look at the old piece in comparison to the new piece.