The Myth

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This new body of work is based on a personal mythology.  I’ve taken in my knowledge of Christian, Hindu, Japanese, and Tibetan Buddhist imagery to  create these Gods and Goddess of the things, ideas, and emotions that pertain to myself.  It is a way to release my emotions and ideas through cryptic messaging.  So far the myth is based around art, sex, and death.  This comes from reviewing my writings from the past and now.  These themes consistently show up.

Death is the oldest of the three.  She holds the heart of the arbiter (myself).  She walks through a red door entering our world not as an agent, but as an observer.  She has appeared in many of my pieces before.

Second is Sex.  She is has one eye and this distorts her vision and those she encounters.  She wears a fox mask. Though she lacks vision she is quick witted, sly, and elusive.  The crow she carries is a gift from death.  It i believed that the moment of climax the body is in a state of full release much similar to death.  The crow is gives the vision to those who reach this state.  This gift of vision is a replacement for her missing eye.

Lastly there is Art.  She is the sister to death.  Death and art in in a struggle for the attention of the Arbiter.  In her jealousy, Death stole the heart of the Arbiter.  As a hit against her sister, Art has given new life to the Arbiter in the form of Ego.  This character represents the immortal soul. His large hands are used to create and destroy. Immortality is essentially the long standing gift of art.  Those who have passed on are still remembered through their work.  She gives life to meaningless things.

There are a few characters still in development.  One is Knowledge, a cursed soul forced to carry around the knowledge of the universe, yet unable to see it and speak of it himself.

I’m also bringing back the Imps from a previous series of work.  These are the seven deadly sins of biblical reference.

The story and symbols are even more elaborate, but I have to keep a few secrets to myself.  (I was told that once.)

Somethings to melt on…

So I’ve been looking at a few other artist blogs.  I notice a lot of them use these things as giant inspiration boards.  That sounds lame, but when I see their work and the things they “melt on”, I can tell the pieces they take from in thrust into their works.  So I guess these are the things that I’m stuck on right now.

I’ve been stuck on esoteric symbols, goddesses, and a bunch of random things for the past year or so.

This is a random image I found and thought had both eastern and western religious feel to it.  The mandala shape that holds a star of David with an eastern god in the middle.  I need to find out all the names to these gods and godesses.

These three I found and put in my collection.  I want to find a comprehensive of info on them.

Here’s a small image of the Metatron’s cube.

This image is much better.This Image is huge…

Here’s a few western Byzantine images.  I notice the similarities in art styles.

Check out those wings!

I guess I like these portraits of spirits and emotions.  I like how we connect images to these ideas.