OLD NEWS! (Word play people… Get with it.)

When I’m not painting mind altering dreamscapes that secretly decodes actual moments in my life.  I tend to go back to my first love, drawing.  Every kid has to start somewhere.
I started with comics and superheroes…(Pause for Awwwww.)  When the stress of painting becomes too much I go back to her. (Her = drawing)
So in my hunt for something to do I went through a bunch of old sketch books and found some oo00OOOOOOLD DRAWINGS.
A bunch of characters from when I was 17 through 19.  I sucked soooo bad.  So I decided to redraw/update them.  (NOTE:  The new drawings are done in blue lead, so it makes them hard to see when you scan.  I plan to ink them soon. Also the new pieces are in an 11 x 14 book which is tough to scan on 8 1/2 x 11 scanner.  I’ll repost the updates to the updates.)

I still remember the stories I made for them.  Maybe after the updates I’ll post some actual comic pages… We shall seeeeeeeeeee……  (Voice fades into the distance.)