I dream.  I might dream more than average.  Sometimes my dreams are more real than reality.  Sometimes they are lucid and telling.  Sometimes they are people calling out to me, telling me their story.  Sometimes it feels like God is trying to tell me something.

My dreams are numerous and varied.  I used to know people that claimed they didn’t have dreams.  I wonder about them.  I wonder if they are lying.  I can’t think of a mind without dreams.  How does that mind heal itself?  Do they have imaginations?  Where is their subconscious?  I also pity them.

For years these dreams were nightmares.  They were intense and powerful.  Maybe it was a child with an overactive imagination?  Maybe it was something else reaching out to an open and fresh mind?  Maybe it was whatever it is now, but uncontrolled, unharnessed?  I’m leaving more questions than answers here.

I have this theory that our own conscious is linked to the various versions of ourselves that splinter off through time and dimensions.  The closer the timeline is to yours, the easier it is to tap into it.  This “Tapping In” can be done through dreams.  I myself would have dreams of a place that was like my hometown, but was heavily centered around this pier.  The variation of friends were similar to my own, but with a few people that were not known to me. This was a recurring dream.

Other times I would have dreams where I would fall back into myself.  This is the dream in a dream scenario.  Have you ever had a dream that you got up, got ready for work, and were in the car driving- only to wake up finding yourself still in bed?  This is another example of an alternate reality that is closer to your Self.  That version of yourself has gotten up and is already set to go to work.  You “tapped into” your similar being to essentially watch, or sometimes “Command the Ship”, doing the actions of the other version of yourself.

I theorize that “Commanding the Ship” happens to us more often then we think.  It happens during moments of the mundane, the sublime, of fight or flight, and other moments where the subconscious and conscious are working at the same time.  The last example was waking up and getting ready for work.  Many of us do these actions while half-asleep, while the mind is not fully processing.  I think this allows another sleeping version of yourself to “tap in” and ride along.  Dreams about sex can also be connected.  Sex is another example of the mind letting go and allowing the subconscious to come in.  That moment that seems strange is happening in alternative universe, and it is “you”, but not You doing it.

Another example of this is concentration: actions that shut off the conscious and allow the subconscious to work.  Dreams of fighting, of running, of playing an instrument are all actually happening somewhere in the multiverse, and your dreaming Self is “tapping in” as a passenger.

An active dreamer also must understand “Falling In.”  “Falling In” is the action of coming back to you original self from whatever timeline or dimension you “tapped” into.  I once had a dream(s) where I fought this invisible force.  (These forces are a topic for another time…) In this dream, I was pushed out and woke up in my bed.  I told my spouse about the dream, and they were listening in the half-woken fashion people do.  As I told them, I woke up finding that that was also a dream.  Shocked that this dream in a dream happened, only to find that they were not there, leading to me waking up again- this time for real.

These dreams in a dream in a dream scenarios I call “Falling In.”  I was coming back to myself .  The main dream, which was the farthest from my reality, forced me to go through variations of myself to get back to me.  In this theory, the two other versions of myself had the main dream. Each version experienced the main dream, but as “I” was being pushed out, the other versions of myself were being dropped off into their own realities.

This leads me to believe the power Self Collective Dream Consciousness.  Imagine the realities that are so abstract and strange that have no viable connection to your own.  They exist, but it is harder to get to them, to perceive them.  If multiple versions of yourself have the same dream, this powers the conscious to further its reach, allowing the mind to go beyond the closest parameters of your reality; you can break into the abstract, the 4th, 5th, 6th dimension and so on.   “This Ship” is super charged by your multiple-selves.

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