13 days left.

I am so grateful and humbled by the generosity of  friends, family, strangers, and fans.  This week has been nuts.  The past two weekends I’ve been working with Artmobilus doing some live paint events.  It’s been worth it to interact with the community at large.  There are so many beautiful and fun people out there.  I actually lost my voice yesterday from talking.

So here are a few  of those wonderful and generous people.

Andrea Koehler
Jonathan EstradaRyan Gali
Orlando Barcena Jr
The boys from IFYW
Arthur Johnstone
Ryan Dodge
Calvin Wong

Thanks for helping me get closer to my goal.  I still have a ways to go, but I Know that with your help this will happen.


So I’ve gotten a bit of love from friends, and supporters. As promised, here’s a list of supporters that I am grateful to.

Jennifer Carter
Suray Dugas
Harpreet Sahota
Briana Hodgin
Tristen Arcelona
Jaime Viloria
Sarah Vanoni
Luna Gomez
You all are amazing people and patrons to the arts. There is a special place in art heaven for you.  Your name will also be mentioned in the book once we reach the goal!

I also came up with a plan of the 100 pieces I’ll be doing
12 5×5 wood panels
12 6×6 wood panels
12 8×8 wood panels
12 10×10 wood panels
12 watercolor pieces
12 variant drawing/mixed media
12 varying paintings
2 triptychs
2 larger pieces
4 portraits (for backers of the kickstarter)

Here’s a write up about the project.

21 days left!


So last week I found out that I was accepted to the summer residency program at SVA in New York.  I’m over joyed and still in shock that I got in.  Now I have to figure out how to get over there. I plan on starting a kickstarter account within the next few days.  The funds will go to travel, materials, and a book that I plan to make at the end of this program.  This is going to be one the most mentally, physically, and creative processes of my life.  I plan on making 100 pieces in that time span.  This includes paintings, drawings, mixed media, and maybe an installation.  The process will be documented on this blog.

I’ll post a link to the project very soon.  The program actually starts the day after my birthday.  No that is some fate in action.  I hope to have your support.  Thank you all for the encouragement.  You guys are the reason I keep  pushing.




So I’m in a new show coming up.

Wonderland SF presents:
Urban Jungle

Opening Reception
Friday April 12, 2013
Where: Wonderland SF (2929 24th Street, SF 94110)

Works by:
Alec Huxley
Calvin Wong
Daniel Valadez
David Flynn
Fred Goykhman
Hannah Sitzer
Jack Taylor
Jeffrey Nemenzo
Lacey Bryant
Matthew Dean
Melanie Alves
Ralph Browne
Revo Dubois
Sandra Rauch
Todd Laby

Hope to see you for some great art, music and complimentary beverages.

If you are in San Francisco you should come by. Show some love.
This is going to be a great time.

Hidden Faces

In a show tomorrow at Mama Art Cafe in SF. Working with the Maritime crew. The show seems like it might be pretty cool. I’m excited about the show. It’s like a kick off to a bunch of other things coming up. Now only if someone would buy some art, so I can keep my place and keep making more work. Fingers crossed.

Mama Art Cafe (4745 Mission Street, SF) on March 21st
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

I helped write this little insert about the show.

“The context of the human experience is a multi-layered creation. Through these layers we wear masks for protection, inclusion, and a sense of identity. “Hidden Faces” is an exploration and personification of the masks of society, the individual and the roles they play on the culture at large. The artists in the this show are all a part of Maritime Art Collective. Maritime calls reference to a group of aesthetic explorers foraging a new path in the ever-expanding world of art. This group works together under a cooperative spirit and a common understanding that a whole can become greater than merely the sum of its parts.”

Here's a preview.

Here’s a preview.


So the show at 1314 Grant (World Apparel) went great.  So many people came out to show some love.  I’m was so over whelmed.  I mean, wow!  I was so surprised.  The Maritime Collective came through with some awesome work, and our day of the dead shrine was well received.  I’m currently working on finishing my piece “Knowledge: The Curse”.  This piece has been haunting me for months.  I’m happy that it did.  It challenges me.  I wish I just didn’t take breaks in between… yet, maybe those were necessary.  It allowed me to work out the narrative of Knowledge along with the rest of the gods and goddesses.

I have a few new Illustrations in the works.  I feel like changing things up with a few drawings.  I wish things were moving faster, but I appreciate every chance I get to keep moving forward.  “Just keep painting”… this is the phrase that plays over and over… “Just keep creating”  is the chorus.  “Believe” is the title.

Here’s a few pictures from the show.   These were done by my cool photog friend Tracy Chung.

Fear Within

“Fear Within”
So while working on a new series of paintings, I got with the Maritime Collective to put a show together. With the lovely help of Mary Minanan, and the support of 1314 Grant and Alfredo… We will be presenting a group show called …you guest it, “Fear Within”.
This show is based around phobias. It is a personification, personal exploration, and acknowledgement to the strange and unknown phobias that lurk inside our minds.
The Opening Reception will be November 2nd at 1314 Grant Ave. SF, CA!!!
I hope you lovely supporters come out and show some love for a show I helped curate. Plus you’ll get to see some amazing work by these wonderful artist.

Peter Cochrane
Kean Eggett
Edo Escobedo
Phillip B Gann
Jessy Gaumann
Chris Love
Patti Pauchnick
Mark B Young
Kendall Berardino
Fiona Liddell

Don’t be afraid! Show Up!

Here’s a little preview of something I’m working on for the show.

The Newish Works Show

So this past Friday I had a show at a local boutique in North Beach, San Francisco.  The place is called 1314 ( San Fran Psycho).  It’s located at 1314 Grant Ave., SF , CA… This is for those interested in seeing the work. Anyhow, after weeks of not sleeping and feeling nervous and a hectic day of putting up art work, I finally got to enjoy myself.   The show, to me, was a success.  I was so happy that I was able to show work at a great venue, in a great part of town, and surrounded by amazing people. My friend Mary, helped put this thing together, so props to her.  I’m pretty happy we got to work together on a successful project.

Now the next steps have to take place.  I have to take some more pictures of the work, update my site and blog (this badboy), and promote the show while it is still up.
This world beyond the void is so amazing and strange.

Let’s keep this momentum going friends.